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About 3DVR Tech Solutions

3DVR Tech Solutions is a program of NEO TECH SOLUTIONS specializing in 3D-Virtual Reality- based solutions for commercial and educational users. 3D-VR Production has over 47 years’ experience building media content for the movie, education and documentary industry, ranging from 16mm and 35mm to all digital formats, including 3D animation for all markets.

Our philosophy is driven by our passion and values :

  • To bring the “WOW” factor to our clients by creating cutting edge solutions that will help achieve their goals and objectives successfully and move our society forward.
  • To create a trusting relationship with our clients by sharing our knowledge, experience and innovative solutions in alignment with their needs.

Our Products and Services

  • We provide 3D-VR Content and Assets library for commercial users, game developers and Indy film makers.
  • We design and develop educational curriculum to provide Immersive Education Training for K-12 classrooms throughout the US.
  • We have a dedicated team and cutting edge equipment to provide from 4k to 6k 3D-VR content development for medical, entertainment industries and all other commercial uses.

Company Contact Information

Neo Tech Solutions

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Corporate Headquarters:

Western Regional Office Contacts:

3DVR Tech Solutions Office

Chief Technology Officer – Ben Kenyon (509) 981-3056

Marketing Director – Ben Cabildo (509)-999-5365



$30 package: Over 180 Motion Capture Riggs $30 package: Over 300 animated 3d Objects $30 package: Over 180 Still & Motion SkyBoxs $30 package: Over 180 animated Still Pictures $30 package: Over 300 (2 min.) Loop-able Music Beds $30 package: Over 300 Sound FXs for Independent Features, Game Developers

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