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3DVR TECH SOLUTIONS provides custom 3D curriculum, VR curriculum and custom 3DVR content to assist teachers and students in building their own custom lessons, tests and presentations.
3DVR Tech Solutions also provides custom software called “3DVR Class Organizer”. this proprietary  software provides a unique set of tools that help meet the E.S.S.A requirements.



Ben Cabildo, VP Operations & Marketing Western Division
Ben Kenyon Chief Technology Officer


3D-VR Curriculum Package Content:

Designed for K-12 – each curriculum includes


  • 3D and VR Curriculum
  • Worksheets
  • Teacher’s 3DVR lesson templates
  • Student’s 3DVR lesson templates
  • 3D & VR Assets for teaching
  • Custom VR field trips
  • Tests
  • Group activities
  • Games
  • Review sections

Also Included
Library of content:

  1. VR Therapeutic Content
  2. VR Lesson Tours with “Test your Skills (that give feed Back)
  3. VR content of local and State wide & world wide:  Historical VR tours of locations of interests
  4. Pictures library
  5. 2D / 3D video clips library
  6. 3D  animation objects  library
  7. Animated character riggs and motion capture files  library
  8. VR TOURS library: Introduction to the work force.
  9. Plug-in and play VR curriculum templates, for students design their own VIRTUAL lessons.
  10. VR Sky Box background  library
  11. Music Beds library for Teachers and students to use: lessons, independent films, commercials, games and events
  12. Sound Effects  library for: teachers and students to use
  13. Voice Over Library:  over (300) words SPOKEN from the English dictionary & (6o) of the most common sentences from the English dictionary.  By both “man” &” woman”.


3D-VR Class Organizer Software
School Server Software
Teacher 3D-VR Organizer Software (lesson tools, test tools, calendar, assessment tool, posting tool, grade curve tool, media access and download component with Back End Permissions)