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Product Description

Have you ever wanted to start your own school? Now you can for only $100 a year, plus as your school grows with new students there is a small fee of $30 per student for the year.

The “UR School” TURN-KEY system gives each student and teachers access to a large CUSTOM assets library full of 3DVR Tech Solution’s 2D, 3D, Virtual Reality lessons, tests and asset tools, that teachers and students can view for study or build their own lessons and tests from. Plus the lessons and tests are interactive and also provides assessments from the lessons and tests . This is needed to help improve the students learning and to discover the areas where the student may need assistants. and focus when it comes to problem .

The three main requirements for Education:

  1. Hands-On
  2. Audible
  3. Visuals. (Thru the use of 3D / VR lessons and tests that provide automatic assessment and notifications back to the teacher, student and parent.
  4. New lessons being added a ongoing rate.
  5. Updatable curriculum
  6. Dedicated library that is safe with needed asset tools
  7. Dedicated Administrative Backend that can accommodate a School District, school, classroom, plus a small business or any home schools needs.

Series of VR Tours, 3D Science Lessons

Series of VR Drum Lessons

Series of 3D cooking shows designed for K4-K6 & K7-K12

Plus much more……

3DVR “UR School” Also has a request menu, so that any future assets Interactive Lessons and tests can be developed & provided if possible.

3DVR provides custom 3D &VR content for all MARKETS.

3DVR Tech Solutions Develops & Exports to: PC, Oculus, VR world, Card Board, leap motion. We are currently starting development for Augmented Reality.

The “UR School” system helps to keep up with the requirements of the School Districts, the State and National Guidelines for Education, the Common Core, the E.S.S.A., Washington State Guidelines for Education and the Nation Science Requirements for Education.

The “UR School” TURNKEY System puts 3D & Virtual Reality training at your fingertips. You will access 3DVR’s educational state of the art training lessons and tests that provide assessments of student’s progress and areas of needed studies. Than the “UR School” system will automatically notify the teacher, student and parents of of a variety of information that’s needed regarding the student, class, up coming tests and notifications.

All you have to do is 3 easy steps.

  1. Purchase the license,
  2. Check your email for the code
  3. access URL for download
  4. Download software
  5. Then you have your own School.

Ur School is a customizable 3dVR product called “UR School” Online” school that provides any Home Schooler, Private Tutor or Freelance Instructor with their very own online school.

The teacher or instructor can start adding students to his or her database immediately, and than you can use the lessons we provide or upload your own content into the 3DVR lesson templates for the teachers & Students to use to build their own online interactive curriculum.